• Wholesome plant-based, gluten-free meals
  • Nutritionally sound approach - no refined ingredients, artificial substances or processed foods
  • This plan promotes healthy weight-loss, while increasing energy levels and easing gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Recommended for individuals with Celiac or gluten sensitivity
  • Questions & Answers

    Q. Who can benefit from the Gluten-free meal plan?

    A. This plan is designed for individuals who are interested in trying out a gluten-free healthy plant-based diet, or:
    people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity,
    people who are looking to shed some weight healthily and responsibly without feeling like they have to starve to achieve results,
    people who want to improve their brain function, and decrease their symptoms of depression, memory loss, dementia, and mood disorders.

    Q. What makes this meal plan different from other Gluten-free meal plans?

    A. This meal plan is plant-based only with minimally processed products. We incorporate whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, gluten-free grains, seeds, and legumes.

    Q. Will I lose weight by following the Gluten-free meal plan?

    A. The gluten-free meal plan is not a weight loss diet. However, since you will eat whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, gluten-free grains and legumes, you'll most likely shed some KGs.

    Q. Can I swap (Gluten-free) meals?

    A. The gluten-free meal plan is flexible, so you are free to swap out any meals you don't like or need to avoid for any reason.

    Q. What if I don't like a recipe ingredient?

    A. No problem. You can swap the meal out with another meal, or, you could choose a more desirable (and suitable) ingredient from one of the other recipes.

    Q. I am currently taking medications. Can I still do the Gluten free meal plan?

    A. Although our GF meal plan is very likely to have a positive effect on anyone's health, if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are currently taking any prescription medications, you should speak with your doctor before starting this plan.

    Q. Which supplements would you recommend to take during the Gluten-free plan?

    A. We recommend that you consider supplementing your diet with a clean plant-based protein powder, vitamin D, B12 and probiotics.

    Q. Are oats Gluten-free?

    A. Oats are naturally wheat, rye, and barley free. There are no oats in this meal plan due to the risk of cross-contamination. According to the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards, oats and their derived products are not permitted in foods that are labeled as gluten-free. If you choose to include oats in your diet, make sure you buy only gluten-free oats.

    Q. Are Vanilla extract and Maple syrup Gluten-free?

    A. Vanilla extract contains alcohol (which is usually made from grain), but after the distillation process almost all traces of gluten are gone, and it can be labeled as gluten-free. We recommend buying the pure Vanilla extract (not the flavoring version), and the same goes for the Maple syrup.

    Q. Are Spices Safe for a Gluten-Free Diet?

    A. Individual spices do not contain gluten, but in rare cases, spices can be contaminated with wheat flour or wheat starch to reduce cost.
    So if you're particularly sensitive to trace gluten, we would recommend to:
    Choose spices and seasoning blends from companies that willing to make a statement about their gluten-free status.
    Don't buy spices from bulk bins. Cross-contamination can easily occur with scoops and gluten-containing items.

    Q. Will I get enough protein?

    A. We've made sure that this meal plan will deliver all daily nutritional requirements.
    If you are an athlete or very active and feel you might need extra protein in your diet, we recommend adding an extra serving of clean plant-based protein powder.

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