• Enjoy food the way nature intended you to
  • A long-term approach to healthy, clean eating
  • Plant based meals, unprocessed and wholesome foods
  • Limit the amount of refined grains, salt, alcohol, and sugars
  • Questions & Answers

    Q. Who can benefit from the clean eating plan?

    A. Whether you are looking to reduce your sugar and processed food intake or are curious to try a plant-based/vegan diet based on healthy, whole foods, or simply want to start eating healthier - this clean eating plan is for you.

    This plan is also suitable for those who are trying to reduce their cholesterol and triglyceride levels, or for those who are looking to shed some weight in a healthy and responsible way without feeling like you have to starve to achieve results!

    Q. What are the benefits of clean eating ?

    A. Clean eating embraces whole foods like legumes, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy proteins, and fats. It also means cutting back on processed food, refined sugar and grains, pesticides, additives, preservatives, and unhealthy fats.

    Cleaning up your diet is not just something you ought to do when striving for weight loss as many other health benefits will follow. Many of these benefits are directly related to cardiovascular health. A clean and healthy diet has proven to be a contributing factor in preventing, treating and reversing cardiovascular problems which, at the moment, is our leading cause of death.

    Furthermore, a clean diet consisting of healthy whole foods will also aid in improving your digestion, increasing your energy levels, better your sleep and improving your overall physical health. Studies have also shown that a plant-based diet will enhance your ability to control cholesterol levels and improve emotional state, thereby helping to fight depression, fatigue, anxiety, and general daily functioning.

    Q. Does this plan have enough protein?

    A. This meal plan will ensure you meet all daily nutritional requirements, including the protein.
    If you are an athlete or are very active for other reasons and feel you might need some extra protein, we recommend consuming an extra serving of protein powder after your daily workouts.

    Q. Do I have to buy organic foods?

    A. It is not necessary to purchase organic foods exclusively. However, you may want to purchase organic fruits and vegetables that are known to contain higher amounts of chemical pesticides when grown conventionally, known as the "Dirty Dozen". These include: apples, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, nectarines, peaches, potatoes, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, and sweet bell peppers.

    Q. I am currently taking medications. Can I still do the clean eating plan?

    A. Although our clean eating plan is very likely to have a positive effect on anyone's health, we do recommend speaking to your doctor before starting this plan should you have any pre-existing medical conditions. We cannot guarantee to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease with this clean eating plan.

    Q. Will I lose weight by doing the clean eating meal plan?

    A. Our clean eating plan strives to help you develop healthier eating habits and thereby take control of your health. Restriction is not what we are about, and we encourage you to eat a colorful variety of plants (such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and healthy fats) to ensure you're getting the best nutrients for your body. So, although our primary aim with this plan is not to help you lose weight, you probably will shed a few kg/pounds if your previous diet did contain processed foods and if you exercise regularly.

    Q. Can I swap (clean eating) meals?

    A. The clean eating plan is flexible, you are free to swap out any meals you don't like or need to avoid for any other reason such as food allergies.

    Q. What if I don't like some ingredient in the meal?

    A. No problem! you can swap the meal out with another meal from the clean eating plan or you could also choose a more desirable ingredient from one of the other meal plan recipes to substitute into your meal of choice.

    Q. I am allergic to soy products - what should I replace it with?

    A. In most meals containing soy products (such as tofu, edamame, or tempeh), the product can be easily left out of the meal and replaced with your favorite nuts, seeds or beans. If you feel the recipe would lose its essence by leaving out the soy product, simply swap out the recipe for another one you like from the clean eating plan.

    Q. Which supplement would you recommend to take during the detox plan?

    A. Supplementing your diet with a plant-based protein powder, vitamin B12 and probiotics are encouraged.

    Q. I have recently become a vegan but I am experiencing bloating, gas, or other digestive problems - what should I do?

    A. One of the biggest differences between a carnivorous and a plant based diet (besides the amount of animal products, of course) is the amount of fiber you will consume. Whole foods generally contain a lot more fiber than processed foods (some of which are completely vacant of fiber), and although a healthy amount of fiber is very good for your digestion, your body might need some time to adjust.
    In this adjustment period, you can ease the road by soaking your beans overnight before cooking them and make sure to never under-cook the beans, they should really be soft! It will also help to slow down your pace while eating and to eat more frequently in smaller portions instead of huge plates in just two or three sittings.

    Q. Do I have to give up coffee and tea?

    A. No need to worry, there is no need to give up your daily pick-me-ups. It is possible to enjoy a cup or two a day and remain plant-based. We do however recommend to buy your coffee only from certified-organic brands to ensure there are no hidden pesticides slipping into your daily beverage. Of course, we also recommend swapping out any milk or cream for a plant-based variety.

    Q. What's the difference between the detox plan and clean eating plan?

    A. The very difference between detox and healthy eating, is that a detox plan is more of a short-term commitment. It is a bit more restrictive, and will help you aid your body's natural cleaning process while following the plan. The clean eating plan, however, is a long-term plan. By committing to eat clean you are committing to a new lifestyle, one that will improve not only your weight and diet, but your overall health.
    Our clean eating plan strives to eliminate as many artificial ingredients and "empty calories" as possible. Some of these ingredients include white sugar, refined white flour, and alcohol - instead we hydrate with the basics: water!

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