• Boost the detox pathways and reduce inflammation by nourishing your body with whole, healthy foods
  • Meals focused on fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts ,gluten-free grains and legumes
  • Eliminate all foods that could hinder a successful detox, such as animal products, refined ingredients, and artificial substances
  • Questions & Answers

    Q. I am currently taking medications. Can I do the detox plan?

    A. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are currently taking any prescription medications, you should speak with your doctor before starting any detox plan. This plan is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Q. I am breastfeeding and/or pregnant, is this detox safe for me?

    A. No. Detoxing while pregnant and/or breastfeeding is not advised. Your body may release toxins during this plan that may inadvertently pass to and pose harm to the fetus or infant. It is recommended that you complete breastfeeding prior to initiating any detoxification program.

    Q. Should I exercise during a detox?

    A. Yes! Exercising during a detox plan and in general is highly recommended as long as your doctor has approved your participation in physical activity. Increased perspiration allows the body to expel waste effectively. Furthermore, increased heart rate and respiration enable sufficient oxygenation and blood flow to all corners of the body enhancing organ, muscle, and overall system performance. Regular exercise may also increase mood, reduce stress, and promote better sleep, all of which support detoxification. Be mindful of how you feel and don't overdo it, especially if you are not feeling strong and energetic.

    Q. What can I expect from a detoxification cleanse?

    A. You may feel worse at first. However, this is expected and is known as a healing crisis or detox reaction. This occurs when the body begins releasing toxins. The body reacts this way because the toxins are released into circulation prior to being detoxified and expelled by the body. This typically lasts for approximately three days. It is imperative to maintain ample hydration during this time. After these toxins are eliminated by the body, you may experience enhanced energy, thinking capacity, and less aches and pains.

    Q. Who can benefit from the detox plan?

    A. Consider starting this detox plan if:
    - You want to lose weight.
    - You are tired all the time.
    - You have persistent minor aches and pains.
    - You feel sluggish.
    - You want to improve your overall health.
    - You want to improve your skin condition/quality.
    - You indulge in unhealthy foods and eat out a lot.
    - You feel/know that you have toxins in your body.
    - You feel that your immune system could be strengthened.
    - You want to improve mental and emotional clarity.

    Q. Can I eat last night's left over dinner for lunch the next day?

    A. Yes, you can. Tip: Preparing meals ahead of time is a sure way to stay on track the following day(s)!

    Q. Can I skip the mid and after noon snacks?

    A. Yes - you may skip these snacks, however it is recommended that you eat scheduled snacks to prevent overeating at subsequent meals and to establish a routine. It will also provide your body with additional nutrients.

    Q. Can I swap (detox) meals?

    A. Yes, it is OK to swap meals as all meals in this plan are designed to support detoxification.

    Q. Do I really need to stick to the meal plan or can I personalize it?

    A. You have the option to personalize your plan using meals and snacks within the plan. However, it is highly recommended that you stick to the meal plan as closely as possible as the overall calorie and macronutrient profile of each day has been reviewed by a registered dietitian to ensure adequacy.

    Q. Are there any instances I should avoid a detox plan?

    A. You shouldn't begin any detoxification program if:
    - You are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.
    - Before or shortly after any major surgery.
    - You suffer from any long-term physical or mental illness.
    - You are receiving cancer treatment.
    - You are under age 18 or over 65.
    - You are diabetic.

    Q. What if I become constipated?

    A. Ensure ample hydration with water, and consider adding in psyllium husk fiber as it is all natural and promotes regularity. You could also try adding chia seeds to water and then consuming.

    Q. What if I am hungry?

    A. If you are hungry, you can try consuming a glass of water between meals and snacks. You can also add psyllium husk fibre or chia seeds to enhance feelings of fullness. Recommended snacks that have very few calories but may help reduce hunger include: cucumbers, leafy green vegetables, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, and mushrooms.

    Q. I am a coffeeholic - can I drink at least 1 cup a day?

    A. Coffee beans have some health benefits, but also some carcinogenic components so we don't recommend it. If you must have a cup, choose organic coffee beans and use almond, coconut, oat, or hemp milk for added flavor.

    Q. Which supplement would you recommend to take during the detox plan?

    A. Supplementing your diet with a plant-based protein powder, vitamin B12 and probiotics are encouraged.

    Q. Do I have to buy organic foods?

    A. It is not necessary to purchase organic foods exclusively. However, you may want to purchase organic fruits and vegetables that are known to contain higher amounts of chemical pesticides when grown conventionally, known as the "Dirty Dozen". These include: apples, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, nectarines, peaches, potatoes, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, and sweet bell peppers.

    Q. Will I lose weight by doing a cleanse or detox?

    A. It is likely that you will lose weight during this detox plan. The overall caloric value of the meals and snacks of each day is designed to promote weight loss. Furthermore, this diet lacks added sugars which is also weight loss friendly. If you adhere to this diet as closely as possible and maintain regular physical activity, you should see results.

    Q. What if I don't like some ingredient in the meal?

    A. No problem! The easiest way to ensure adherence to the detox plan without incorporating other ingredients that may or may not promote detoxification is to swap the meal out with another meal from the detox plan. You could also choose a more desirable ingredient from one of the other meal plan recipes to substitute into your meal of choice.

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